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Special Reports

A Way Forward - Strategies and Tools for addressing Vacancy in Little Rock

Relocal Final Report from Place Economics - 2016

Creative Corridor Plan of Downtown Main Street

2012 NEA grant funded Plan for revitalization plan for Main Street

12th Street Corridor Plan

Report on the 12th Street Corridor 2009

Jump Start 12th Street Core Plan 2014

Cedar Pine Overlay - 2016

Southend Neighborhood Plan Update 2022

Little Rock Citywide Historic Preservation Plan (2009)

  • Part One - Acknowledgements, I. Executive Summary, II. Introduction, III. What Historic Preservation Means to Little Rock: An Essential Component of Community Economic Development, IV. How Historic Preservation Works in Little Rock, and V. Previous Historic Preservation and Planning Efforts
  • Part Two - VI. Historic Preservation Trends Today—What Works/Challenges and VII. Goal—Increase Identification and Recognition of Little Rock’s Historic Resources
  • Part Three - VIII. Goal—Expand the Range of Incentives and Protection to Property Owners
  • Part Four - IX. Goal—Increase Effectiveness of City Agencies and Organizations, X. Goal—Enhance Education Efforts on the Economic Benefits and Sustainability of Historic Preservation and XI. Implementation
  • Part Five - Appendix A. Little Rock’s Proud Past—Historical and Architectural Development
  • Part Six - Appendix A. Little Rock’s Proud Past—Historical and Architectural Development continued
  • Part Seven - Appendix B. Little Rock’s National Register-Listed Properties (April 2009)
  • Part Eight - Appendix C. Zoning, Land Use and Historic Preservation

Post-World War II Residential Development of Little Rock, Arkansas, 1945-1970

  • Sections I and II - Introduction and Historical Context — Little Rock's Growth and Development
  • Section III - Residential Development in Little Rock — 1945 -1970 (Single Family Dwellings)
  • Section III-Continued - Residential Development in Little Rock — 1945 -1970 (Multi Family Dwellings and Subdivision)
  • Section IV - Registration Requirements

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Annual Reports (Urban Development Reports)

The Urban Development Report is a review of activities which monitor growth and present a comprehensive overview of significant demographic, economic and development conditions in the City of Little Rock. Each year the Department of Planning and Development prepares the report and compares current year data to historical data. Sources of the data are official records of the Department of Planning and Development, MetroPlan and the Arkansas Business.


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